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Midamar Corporation receives employer of the year award from Systems Unlimited Inc.

October 15, 2012

(Iowa City, IA) Midamar Corporation was honored to receive the “Employer of the Year Award” from Systems Unlimited Inc. at its 2012 Awards Ceremony in Iowa City, Iowa. The award was given in appreciation for Midamar’s efforts to employ and retain people with disabilities at its corporate offices and warehousing facilities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Systems Unlimited, Inc. is a non-profit corporation serving people with disabilities and other challenges throughout Eastern Iowa.  Their mission is to offer personalized services within local communities which help people improve their quality of life.

The Employment Systems division of Systems Unlimited, presented the Employer of the Year award to Midamar.   Employment Services provides counseling, rehabilitation, and employment to individuals with brain related disabilities. Midamar has placed several individuals with developmental disabilities in positions within the company.

“Our organization helps people to live up to their fullest potential,” explains Michael Wakefield of Systems Unlimited.  “Midamar is a great partner and the people we bring to work at Midamar are great employees.”

Midamar Director Jalel Aossey agreed, adding “We often hire people with developmental disabilities, like autism.  They are excellent, hardworking employees who are meticulous when performing tasks like packaging and labeling. Our experience with the employees placed by Systems Unlimited has been very positive.”

Established in 1974, Midamar was the first food company in the USA to coordinate with USDA in the development of Halal standards and processes in USDA inspected and approved processing facilities.  Since then, Midamar has become a globally recognized Halal Brand and leading exporter of USA produced Halal protein products. Locally produced Midamar products are available at HyVee Stores.

“Our experience with Midamar has been wonderful. Midamar has hired 12 people with disabilities from our organization in the past year and a half.  They gave people a chance to work constructively, to contribute to society, as well as to build confidence and experience.  Many have stayed at Midamar and others have moved on to accept other positions.  They have given people a first and second chance to enhance their lives. This is why we are honoring Midamar with the Employer of the Year award,” added Wakefield.  

“Being a local food company, we are doing what we can to provide employment opportunities for people in our community with developmental disabilities like Autism.  I think employers will be surprised by how committed and productive people are when they are given a fair chance to perform,” Aossey added.



About Midamar

Midamar Corporation is the pioneer and leader in Halal food services. Midamar provides Halal food production and distribution, export management for US companies, and export services to restaurant concepts locating throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, and the Far East. Additionally, Midamar Corporation offers consulting services to US based companies who are expanding their business internationally. Founded in 1974, Midamar is centrally located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States. For more information visit www.midamar.com.



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