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Midamar opens its regional operations in Jebel Ali Dubai

February 08, 2010
(Dubai, UAE, February 1, 2010) Midamar Corporation has announced the opening of their operations in Jebel Ali, Dubai. Midamar Corporation is the first and largest US producer of Halal foods both domestically and internationally. Known to many as America’s favorite Halal brand, the company has been providing top grade UDSA approved Halal foods to the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf region for over 35 years.
The Middle Eastern and Arabian Gulf markets have been growing at a record pace, and demand for food products is accelerating. In response to market demand, Midamar decided to establish a physical presence in the Middle East. This will enable the company to service its clients in the region and surrounding areas with more of a personal touch. Partner companies, Venture Global Consulting Clients, and US restaurant franchises all benefit from Midamar’s presence in the region. Alaa Kamal, the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Midamar Dubai Regional Office in Jebel Ali guarantees quick and efficient responses to inquiries and requests from customers and business partners.

Midamar believes that it is very important to be in constant communication with its customers. Equally important is for its customers to know that a knowledgeable person is available to address their requests, attend meetings, visit their facilities and provide solutions to their needs. The office will serve many purposes, but chief amongst them is quality customer service and responsiveness to customer needs.
“We decided to locate in Jebel Ali Free Zone due to its location at Jebel Ali Port, one of the largest ports in the World. Dubai is regionally centrally located and has an excellent track record in developing trade activity in the region”, said Jalel Aossey, Global Managing Director of Midamar Corporation. Aossey added, “We received a warm welcome from the team at Jebel Ali Free Zone, and were pleasantly surprised to find that they were aware of our brand and some were already loyal customers of our halal chilled meats!”
The New Midamar Dubai office is located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

About Midamar
Midamar Corporation is the pioneer and leader in Halal food services. Midamar provides Halal food production and distribution, export management for USA companies, and export services to restaurant concepts locating throughout the Middle East, South East Asia and the Far East. Additionally, Midamar Corporation offers consulting services to USA based companies who are looking to expand their business internationally. Founded in 1974, Midamar is centrally located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States. For more information visit www.midamar.com.

For more information contact:
Sara Sayed
Development Manager
Midamar Corporation
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