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International Restaurant Concepts

Chef's proudly serve premium Midamar Halal meat.

Restaurants recognize Midamar as a leading International Supply Chain Management company, whose focus for over 35 years has been in successfully assisting franchisors and franchisees internationally by helping them take their concepts abroad after the decision has been made to expand. 


From day one, Midamar partners work closely with franchisors and selected International franchisees to ensure a plan is developed and key accountabilities are outlined so that all parties are well educated and prepared for the international expansion process. 


From the modest to the aggressive international growth plan, Midamar services all concepts with the same level of dedication one should expect from an international and experienced partner.  Knowing you have selected a company with the staff, facilities, finances, transparency in pricing and above all, expertise to help implement your franchise plan, allows your team to focus on what is most important to you…..building a successful international expansion.

With the sourcing, supply, shipping and documentation expertise at Midamar, franchisors and franchisees can focus on growing their core businesses internationally with peace of mind.



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